Home garages going the way of the dinosaurs – now what?

    • Is the domestic garage becoming extinct?
    • Most renovated garages are now a workshop or home office
    • One in five used as a bathroom or a playroom
    • Only 22% of car owners park overnight in a garage
amsterdam night parking
DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE: It might be more picturesque but insurance premiums will soar of your car is not overnighted in a garage. Image: Wikipedia


LONDON, England – Is the domestic garage becoming a thing of the past? The family car, until now accorded its own sleeping space, is now having to live outside.

Only 22% of UK owners park their car in one, according to research that shows almost four-million garages have been converted into living, working and leisure space for humans.

Data from a study through the two decades to the end of 2015 shows that nearly 66% – about 3.9-million – garages have been converted and the family wheels consigned to the elements.


Research by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance revealed that the most common re-purposing of a garage was into a workshop (about 26%). Another 30% have morphed into a home office and 16% knocked through into the main house as a kitchen or living-space extension.

Another 13% have shrunk into a shower-equipped bathroom and seven percent into a kiddies’ playroom

So, with cars being turfed out of garages to make room for a computer, soap or Stickle Bricks, where are people parking now after the homeward commute?

The survey showed more than half (51%) parked in a domestic driveway, 18% in the street and about eight percent in allocated parking in a secure area. Three percent rented a garage, the rest parked “elsewhere” and such parking habits do, of course, attract higher insurance premiums. A bathroom for granddad comes with a cost…


Sainsbury’s Scott Gorman pointed out: “Overnight parking can affect insurance premiums and we base that premium on where a car is parked.

“Most insurers like a car to be kept overnight in a locked garage. Aside from the benefit of not having to scrape ice off in winter or being hammered by hail in South Africa, there is a higher risk of theft – the benefits of a garage will be reflected in your monthly contribution”


• Always lock your vehicle and close windows and sunroof
• Don’t leave valuable items on display – use the boot, and lock it
• Lock jackets and coats in the boot, too. If it looks like you’re trying to conceal items, your car will appear more attractive to a thief.
• Try to find a well-lit open location
• Install a car alarm and/or tracking device; even a steering lock will deter a thief

Text edited from thisismoney.co.uk


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