SsangYong wows Geneva with high-tech SIV-2

  • Possible direction for next mid-size SsangYong SUV showcased
  • Contemporary multi-purpose crossover for what customers want
  • Mild hybrid technology to future-proof the brand
SsangYong Geneva 2016
IS THERE A TOUCH OF LAND ROVER IN THERE? This is the SsangYong SC-2 concept presented today at the 2016 Geneva auto show. Image: SsangYong

GENEVA, Switzerland – SsangYong Motor Company, (CEO, Johng-sik Choi; unveiled a rather sexy possible future midsize SUV 2016 Geneva Motor Show on March 1.

CEO Johng-sik Choi said during the launch event: “By launching the Tivoli B-segment crossover in 2015 SsangYong clearly demonstrated its ability to design, manufacture and sell a contemporary car that absolutely addresses customer demand.

“It is already our most successful new car and has exceeded expectations so, based on the experience and confidence we have taken from the Tivoli, we are keen to create cars with the style, technology and features people will be looking for tomorrow.”

SsangYong Geneva 2016
SPACIOUS SEATING: Only four places in the car but each is an individual unit on a wooden floor. Image: SsangYong

For sure the concept SIV-2 (its stands for Smart Interface Venicle) is a far cry from earlier products from this automaker. Choi added: “Projecting that thinking forward is essential so I’m delighted by the glimpse into the future demonstraated by this concept.”

It’s a mid-size premium SUV development and follows the SIV-1 showcased at Geneva two years earlier, both existing under the design concept of ‘Dynamic Motion’. It pursues, the automaker says, SsangYong’s development theme of ‘Robust, Specialty, Premium’ with an emphasis on “the emotional interface between the driver and car” which, it adds, “ill evolve to become a key strategic model within the SsangYong range”.

SsangYong (it means ‘double dragon’) says the styling was inspired by “the evolution of mountains and canyons and encapsulates the strength nature required to form them over time”. Hmmm…. Anyway, the flowing shape is supposted to suggest weathered rock.


It embraces, the automaker adds, powerful character lines from front to rear and the L-shaped ‘up-kick’ treatment ahead of the rear wheels is said to contrast to the those strong lines “to give added character”.

There is also a contrast between the sleek bonnet and simple grille from the lower bumper which, SsangYong says, creates a more robust and purposeful look informed by SsangYong’s Robust Aesthetics design theme while the intense character lines to the side and the voluminous rear bumper “represent dynamic motion”.

SsangYong Geneva 2016
THE INDIVIDUAL SEATS FROM ANOTHER VIEWPOINT: Minimalist design tops thick-set normal seats. Comfort doesn’t always mean spongy. Image: SsangYong

The wide C pillar is separated from the floating roof line by a glasshouse-style moulding, hinting at the car’s sporting traits.

The interior of the SIV-2 was designed, SsangYong says, to be as dynamic and contemporary as the car’s exterior with “a look of understated simplicity that blends well with the delicate yet strong elements of the vehicle to engender a new level of user satisfaction”.

“The overall look is informed .by elegant lines that flow from the doors and through the centre fascia and was inspired by stringed musical instruments such as the violin, sitar and Korean gayageum, a multi-stringed musical instrument.

Materials and tones are taken from the world of high-end interiors, and include a woodgrain floor to give a sense of the elegance experienced from being aboard a luxury yacht, soft texture materials “and an overwhelming sense of refreshing space”. There’s also Alcantara, Italian suede for the headlining and pillars, and subtle interior lighting to accentuate the wood, steel and seating.

“The’s car’s youthful, sporty and contemporary ambiance,” SsangYong adds, emphasises the metallic centre fascia, the dynamic graphics of the instrument cluster, and cutting-edge IT devices connecting with the latest technology available.”


There’s a bilateral symmetrical instrument panel and four independent bucket seats to give the impression of a the “dynamic yet cossetting and safe driving spirit expected of a sports coupé”.

The SIV-2 is a mild hybrid car powered by 1.5-litre direct injection turbocharged petrol engine combined with a 10kW electric motor-generator and a 500Wh lithium ion battery. This creates a 48V mild hybrid system which offers quiet and efficient driving, reduced CO2 emissions and silent running when idling and at low speeds.

This eco-friendly concept is contained in a light body with a low centre of gravity and a chassis and suspension system that can be further developed to create various models with high efficiency powertrains such as HEV, PHEV and EV to future-proof the SsangYong brand.

SsangYong Geneva 2016
ONE OF THE GENEVA SURPRISES: The SIV-2 from SsangYong on display at the 2016 Geneva auto show is a handsome beast. Image: SsangYong

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