BMW promising solar charging carports to South Africa

  • Park and charge – a great answer to battery cars in South Africa
  • BMW turns to the sun to boost i3 and i8 vehicle sales
  • Solar panels become roofing for carports
BMW carports - will the idea boost sales of electric cars?
BMW CARPORTS: Taking the shadow off the problem of home – or office! – charging for electric cars, as visualised by BMW. Neat, hey! Image: BMW


German car maker BMW says it will introduce solar power charging stations in South Africa by way of a pilot programme before the end of 2016.

It’s an idea, The Corner believes, that could accelerate sales of battery cars in general in South Africa.

Here’s how it was reported on the blog Plugin Europe.

BMW carports - will the idea boost sales of electric cars?
POWER SUPPLIER: An example of the charger socket that will be installed in a solar carport. Image: BMW

Tim Abbott, BMW South Africa MD, told motoring news website IOL that at least four pilot solar ports would be constructed for customers with electric vehicles in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.


He said that the company would probably partner with the likes of major banks or supermarkets going forward.

According to BMW, since launching the BMW i3 and BMW i8 in South Africa in March 2015, it has delivered 248 of these vehicles to customers.

In terms of public charging infrastructure, the company said that it has a charger in Melrose Arch and will be rolling out more in 2016 in some of the major metropolitan areas throughout South Africa.

To activate a free charge, BMW i3 and i8 owners need to swipe their ChargeNow cards as per the prompts on the AC charging station.


The ChargeNow cards are issued to all BMW i customers upon the purchase of BMW i vehicles.

In addition to the new public charging infrastructure at Melrose Arch, BMW i owners can also visit exclusive BMW i dealers – BMW Sandton Auto in Johannesburg; Club Motors Fountains in Pretoria; SMG Cape Town; and Supertech Durban – to charge their vehicles, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Edward Makwana, manager: Group Product Communications manager at BMW SA, explained:

BMW carports - will the idea boost sales of electric cars?
BMW SOLAR CARPORTS: Will the idea boost sales of electric cars in South Africa? Image: BMW

“We are also rolling out more charging stations in some of our BMW dealers.”

The BMW i3 starts at R540 500 in South Africa, with an i3 REX priced at R611 500.

If you want an i8 supecar be able to come along with close to R2-million.

The solar carport will look similar to that in the image at the top of this feature.

For more information click on this link.





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