2016 C-Class Coupé : Elegance, sheer elegance

  • Priced from R550 000 to R660 000
  • And yes, an AMG version is available, for more
  • Merc: ‘This Coupé sets standard in its segment’
c-class-coupe pos 1
ELEGANCE AND GRACE: The Corner thinks the C-Class  it possibly the most beautiful car in the world. Image: Mercedes-Benz / Quickpic

Most people see two-doors as sporty – as indeed does Mercedes-Benz when talking about its latest in the style, the 2016 C-Class Coupé (above) just launched (April 2016) in South Africa.

Me, I see a coupé as elegant: the statement of a professional of either sex who regards one as a personal possession, not family transport. Something to be shared with a close friend, a wife, a lover.

Or, given half a chance, with nobody. Only the road ahead counts, preferably one with lots of curves. You could say it’s a car for a lone wolf…

c-class-coupe pos 2
CUT WITH THRUST: The 2016 C-Class Coupe has four-cylinder engines but there’s no doubt about all three models’ performance potential. Image: Mercedes-Benz/Quickpic

The name, my dictionary reminds me, comes from the French past participle of couper, to cut and, sadly, misprounced by Americans as koop, as in a chicken house. How gross…

Unlike the ride, according to Mercedes, which asserts in a media release sent to The Corner: “The dynamic chassis, air suspension optional, is the basis for comfort, little penetration of road roar or tyre vibration, agile handling, and driving pleasure.”

Mercedes, as I’ve mentioned, (and it uses the word ‘sporty’ or ‘sport’ 25 times in its media material) says this “the sportiest” C-Class” has lightweight construction and excellent aerodynamics while high-performance but efficient engines play their part, tempered in extremis by a number of driver-assistance systems.

“With its high-class appeal and generous interior,” the automaker adds, “the new C-Class Coupé sets standards in its segment.”

The car rides 15mm lower than its sedan counterpart, its lower profile adding to the visual effect of the standard 17″ alloy rims and tyres.

c-class-coupe pos 3
NOTHING MISSING ON THE FACIA:  Given that the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe is, by luxury standards, not that expensive it’s certainly well-equipped. Image: Mercedes-Benz/Quickpic

Elegance, of course, means beauty, comfort and casual efficiency, each long a hallmark of Mercedes’ products of any model or price; my media release rises higher, the coupé’s cabin involvoing “sensual purity” and “athletic and youthful charm”. Oh yes, and “a new, sporty level”.

An automatic belt extender, also long a Coupé feature, adds convenience.

“The choice of materials and the workmanship,” Mercedes adds “has a hand-crafted feel with high-class appeal and delivers a new take on modern luxury: sportiness (sigh!) without compromising comfort and (but adding)exquisite style.”

The car is 80mm longer and 40mm wider than its predecessor, the extra dedicated to the front occupants but also adding shoulder, elbow and headroom for all four seats.

Comparison of exterior dimensions (mm)
                            New Coupé       Predecessor       Difference
Length:              4686                    4591                       +95
Width:                1810                     1770                      +40
Height:               1405                    1406                          +1
Wheelbase:       2840                   2760                      +80
Front/rear tracks
Front:                  1563                     1534                       +29
Rear:                    1536                     1546                       +10

c-class-coupe pos 5
CUT LIKE A COUPE: The new Mercedes C-Class Coupe – three engines for now, one of them a diesel, but who cares with an automobile that looks like this? Image: Mercedes-Benz/Quickpic

The AMG high-performance version of the Coupé  has bumpers and sills featuring AMG body styling, a diamond-shaped grille with chromed pins and 18″AMG alloy rims. The cabin includes exclusive touches such as Artico “man-made leather” and Dinamica microfibre upholstered seats, a multifunction sports steering-wheel and AMG sports pedals.

While the C- Class Coupé has a sharp focus on performance, its designers were also sensitive to the atmosphere: the four-cylinder engines use 20% less fuel than their predecessors.

c-class-coupe pos 4
POWER PACKS:  An AMG engine is on the way but meanwhile the C-Class has two petrol and one diesel engine. Image: Mercedes-Benz/Quickpic

Initially there will be two non-turbo engines: a two-litre C200 (135kW) and a C300 that’s also a two-litre (Merc is very good at this confusing nomenclature and has been for years) but capable of 180kW and 370.Nm.

The C220d diesel version, also four cylinders, makes 125kW/400Nm of torque and a technically advanced and clean exhaust.

Power is sent to the rear wheels through either a six-speed manual transmission, a 7G-Tronic Plus seven-speed auto (standard on C300) or, for the diesel, a new nine-speed 9G-Tronic). Acceleration, depending on model, varies through six to 7.8sec to 100km/h.


All Mercedes-Benz cars are delivered with a six-year or 100 000km maintenance plan. The C220d is exempt from CO2 emission tax at 113g/km.

Mercedes C 200 Coupé – R551 000
Mercedes C 220d Coupé – R592 700
Mercedes C 300 Coupé – R660 300


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