Research shows why drivers ‘hit and run’

LEICESTER, England – An interim independent research report by the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester is starting to understand why drivers ‘hit and run’.

The research was commissioned by MIB which compensates innocent victims of collisions involving and ‘hit-and-run’ drivers.

An analysis of survey responses from drivers convicted of such offences has shown that:

  • 50% did not think the accident was serious enough to report or did not think they had to report it – 29% didn’t think it serious enough, 21% were unaware of their responsibility to report).
  • Those aged 16-34 were more likely to leave the scene because they were not insured, had drunk alcohol, were scared of the consequences or simply panicked.
  • Older drivers (over 34) were more likely to leave the scene if they did not think the event was serious enough to report.

UK transport department data highlights that in 2014 there were 163 554 road traffic incidents involving injury, In just more than 10% a ‘hit-and-run’ driver was involved.

Successful interventions have been implemented by the OK government, MIB and the insurance industry to tackle the issue of uninsured driving. As a consequence MIB estimates that the number of uninsured drivers has fallen from two-million in 2005 to a million in 2016.

The MIB is concerned that a reduction of a similar scale has not emerged with ‘hit and run’ drivers.


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