Own a 2011 Kia Cerato? Hmm, give them a call…

kia recall pos 1

DO YOU OWN ONE OF THESE 180 CARS? Only worry if you have an automatic Kia Cerato retailed between August and  November 2010.  Image: Kia Motors

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Kia Motors South Africa is to conduct “a voluntary safety recall” of 180 Kia Cerato automatics (2011 model year) from Monday May 23 2016.

Two automatic transmission cooling hoses will be replaced.

One hose carries hot transmission fluid from the transmission to the transmission cooler, the other takes it back to the transmission but Kia has discovered the hoses may have been improperly cured during manufacturing and might leak.


Should this happen, Kia says, a warning on the facia should light up; some units “might display abnormal shifting”. The transmission could seize if too much fluid is lost.

The affected vehicles were assembled in Korea between August 27 2010 and November 11 2010 but only 180 were exported to South Africa.

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Kia SA from May 23 to arrange for the cars to be sorted by the nearest Kia franchise. The work should take about an hour and there will be no charge.


More information about the recall is on the Kia SA website. Owners can enter their car’s VIN (vehicle identification number, which is etched into the left side of the windscreen) into a search. It’s also on the licence disc.

The search function will help owners no longer on Kia SA’s data base to be identified.

Queries can also be lodged through Kia SA’s call centre on 010 596 2000.

Kia Cerato recall
CHECK YOUR VIN NUMBER: Then ring the Kia SA call centre but only bother if you have an auto gearbox in your car. Image: Kia SA

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