Muscle cars muscle in on Silverstone Classic

  • American muscle cars out in force for club’s 20th birthday
  • Special display, anniversary track parade
  • Car and bike clubs package open until end May
Silverstone 2016 Classic Cars
ALL LINED UP AND READY TO GO: The Silverstone 2016 Classic Cars gathering at the end of July reveres age, honours automotive beauty and puts the drivers second.        Image: Silverstone

LONDON, England – As tradition dictates, the annual Silverstone Classic over July 29/31 will be home to a huge number of enthusiastic car clubs celebrating significant model or marque milestones with vast displays and glittering track parades.

Recent events have seen record-breaking birthday cavalcades of E-Type Jaguars, Ferrari F40’s, Porsche 911’s, Ford Mustangs and Grand Prix racing cars; the 2016 event will include an unprecedented gathering mighty Dodge Vipers, one of America’s most iconic muscle cars.

READY TO BITE: Four of the expected 30 Viper supercars
READY TO BITE: Four of the expected 30 Viper supercars that will be on show at the Silverstone Classic. Image: Silverstone Classic

The Viper was conceived by Chrysler in the late 1980’s to be a modern-day Cobra and the Viper RT/10 Roadster first went on public sale in January 1992. While the finish of the dramatically styled two-door roadster was pretty Spartan (no windows or exterior door releases, for instance!) it came with a Lamborghini-inspired eight-litre V10 and 250km/h-plus performance.

A true US classic was born.

Four years later came a slightly more powerful and refined second-generation Viper plus a GTS coupe for road and track. Also in 1996 the UK Viper Club was formed and so will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a record-breaking display at the 2016 Silverstone Classic.

Adrian Swift, president of the UK Viper Club, said: “The Classic weekend is going to be the biggest event for us in what’s a very special year.


“We’ve at least 16 Vipers coming from Europe to join us at Silverstone and expect to have more than 30 in Saturday’s track parade. It will be the largest number yet of Vipers at one spot in the UK!”

Not only the UK Viper Club will be out in force in July; a huge number of car clubs now make the Silverstone Classic the base for their annual celebration and 2016 will be no different.

Owners and enthusiasts will mark 50 years of the Lamborghini Miura, 70 years of Allard and 80 years since the introduction of the evergreen Morgan 4/4 – a car still hand-assembled today and so holds the title of “the longest-running single model in automotive history”.

silverstone one
FIGARO! FIGARO! FIGARO!  It’s 25 years since the small  Nistsan convertible was created. A posse of them will be at the Silverstone Classic event. Image: Silverstone

The retro-styled Nissan Figaro, among the various celebrations, will be honoured 25 years since its launch. The distinctive little convertible has acquired a cult following in the UK and is sure to be a standout feature at Silverstone.

Home-grown (i.e. British) classics enjoying their weekend in the spotlight wil include the Lotus Esprit (40 this year), Jaguar XK8 (20th, plus the Triumph GT6 and Vitesse 2 Litre, both 50. In factthere will be huge club displays and festivities wherever visitors go within Silverstone’s vast infield.

2016 Silverstone Classic event
THERE’S NO END TO THE CARS ON DISPLAY: Car and motorcycle clubs of all denominations muscle in on the action – the next Silverstone Classic event will be at the end of July 2016.   Image: Silverstone

If you’re going to be in the UK special ‘Car Club Packages’ are available until the end of May. These offer members of registered car and bike clubs two adult tickets and an infield display parking pass at a significantly discounted price. Club registration is free and full details can be found on the official website.

Alternatively, visitors must buy tickets in advance. Adult admission starts at £42 and sticks to the Classic’s widely-praised “access all areas” policy which allows admission to National and Wing race paddocks, trackside grandstands, the vintage funfair, air displays and the music concerts which this year include The Boomtown Rats, Reef and The Stranglers.

Again, if you’re going to be in the UK, details of all tickets, hospitality packages, family offers and weekend festival camping are on the event’s official website.


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