Jeep takes Jeep SRT to the mountain

Jeep SRT does Mount Etna
Jeep SRT does Mount Etna Image: Lulop

MOUNT ETNA, Italy – Jeep has celebrated the brand’s 75th Anniversary by driving a Grand Cherokee SRT in an environment “as extreme as the car itself” – the road to the top of Mount Etna.

The fastest, most powerful, Jeep yet has a 6.4-litre V8 capable of 350kW and 0-100km/h in 4.9ec but it’s makers thought the perfect location for showing off the sporting and extreme personality of the car was a climb up the 3350m mountain

That’s almost three times higher than the more famous Mount Vesuvius and Cape Town’s Table Mountain… what better terrain for a backdrop?

Jeep SRT does Mount Etna
Jeep SRT does Mount Etna  Image: Lulop

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is available with comprehensive equipment that includes Nappa leather interiors, suede sports seats, 20″ alloy wheel-rims, Uconnect 20cm touchscreen with digital radio and satnav and the options of DVD/Blu-Ray player and a powered sunroof.

An SRT Night special version was presented in preview in Los Angeles and made its first appearance in Europe at the 2016 Geneva auto show. It adds an even sportier personality with black rims and body inserts.

The Night characterisation continues in the cabin with a back-lit SRT badge on the steering wheel and high-quality Laguna Black leather upholstery.

Jeep SRT does Mount Etna
Jeep SRT does Mount Etna Image: Lulop

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