Biker boys, don’t show this to your girlfriend

Furygan and Viba Image: Supplied
THE WHOLE PACKAGE: Furygan and Viba’s collaboration on motorcycle, jacket, saddle and clutch bag. Image: Supplied

PARIS, France – Furygan and Viba have pooled their talents to create a unique motorcycle with what they call “a daring bike tribute to all women freely enjoying their passion for motorcycles and motorcycling”.

Their weapons: refined, handmade, leather products in elegant colours for jackets and motorcycle accessories. Oh, and a rather different MV Augusta Brutale 800…

The companies, describing themselves as “sharing common values and an eye for detail”, began their collaboration with “a desire to underline femininity”.

Furygan and Viba Image: Supplied
HIGH FASHION MEETS BIKING: The Furygan and Viba items up close. Image: Supplied

The result is a no-compromise bike – the Lara 800 – and an exclusive leather jacket – “an iron hand in a velvet glove, with French handmade craftmanship as a guideline”.

Viba specialise in designing and creating tailor-made motorcycles, in this case using a Brutale 800 from prestige manufacturer MV Agusta as a basis for the Lara 800. Each bike required more than three months of work, the skillsl of a team of passionate French craftsmen, and state-of-the-art techniques for the transformation..

Furygan says its passion for leather craftmanship led to the Legend and Legend Lady jackets cut completely in France and the starting point of the exclusive jacket imagined to accompany the Lara 800.

“This jacket,” the company said in a media release, “is a testimony of the knowhow which the brand cultivates and has maintained since 1969. By selecting the same luxurious leather as used in high-quality designer leather bags, Furygan combines safety and elegance.

“The Lara Legend Lady jacket is accompanied by a matching bag.”

The latter was drawn by Viba and made by Furygan, strengthening the link between the two companies.

Furygan and Viba Image: Supplied
Furygan and Viba Image: Supplied

The future owner of this unique Lara800 Furygan will receive her jacket tailor-made and will have the option to choose a jacket from the range for her male pillion, too.

For hi-res images:

Find more information go to Viba and to Furygan

The Furygan-Viba collaboration – in figures:

  • 50 hours of work for the saddle and the side radiator covers. These covers pushed the leathermaster to develop a new way to work to avoid any distortion of the leather squares.
  • A month of design for the various elements and accessories.
  • 273 litres of coffee.
  • Seven people at Furygan who pooled their skills (pattern design, cutting, stitching) around the creation of the jacket and its lining and the bag.
  • Six square metres of leather for the saddle, jacket, bag and bike.
  • 16 hours of development (from first sketches to 3D design) and one 3D impression to prototype the bag’s aluminum support.
  • 14 hours of industrial machining (two for the bronze that was used to heat stamp the chest of the jacket with the name of the bike, two for the front light cover and 10 for the bag support).
  • Four personalised laser engraved poppers, underlining the collaboration on both the jacket’s collar and the bag.
  • 250 meters of thread.
  • Lara 800 Furygan Limited Edition 01/01.
Furygan and Viba Image: Supplied
TRADEMARK ON THE TAIL: The Furygan and Viba collaboration on the Lara 800 Furtygan Limited Editoon. Image: Supplied

The bike is equipped with:

  • A unique jacket and bag, entirely handcrafted in the workshop of Furygan, located in NÎmes, France. The bag is fixable on an aluminum support that has been specifically designed and made by Viba.
  • A seat made by the saddlemaster of Viba in two leathers from Furygan’s selection.
  • A pair of leather-covered radiator side covers.
  • A front light cover mixing the hexagon of Viba and the historic panther of Furygan, emblem of the brand since 1969.
  • A thermal band on the exhaust.

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