Jag F-Pace does Goodwood Hill – on two wheels (V)

Jaguar F-Pace makes two-wheel debut at Goodwood festival
Gravity-defying drive up the Goodwood hill
Stuntman Terry Grant drive, pal climbs out the window

Jaguar F-Pace goes two-wheels at Goodwood Image: Jaguar Land Rover
GET  UP THERE! Stuntman Lee Bowers gets ridiculous as Terry Grant puts the Jaguar F-Pace up on two-wheels at the 2016 Goodwood Show. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

GOODWOOD, England – Jaguar’s F-Pace has given a dramatic display of dynamic driving and control with stunt driver Terry Grant taking it up the Goodwood Hill.

On two wheels.

Professional freestyle motorcycle stunt rider Lee Bowers was riding shotgun but also climbed out of the cars window to do balancing tricks as Grant kept the balance.

WATCH  the team get the car up on two wheels

Grant told a Carman’s Corner correspondent later: “When Jaguar gave me the opportunity to reunite with the F-Pace (he used one in 2015 to do a record loop-the-loop) I couldn’t say no. Its light, stiff aluminium body and precise controls make it the perfect wheelie vehicle.

“It was great to have Lee along for company – even if he did climb out halfway through our run!”

Jaguar F-Pace goes two-wheels at Goodwood Image: Jaguar Land Rover
STRIPPED FOR ACTION: There’s not much of the regular Jaguar F-Pace  to identify in the special ‘on two-wheels’ version at Goodwood. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar explained that, even for an expert of Grant’s calibre, the two-wheeled drive required hours of planning. Final preparations were completed at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, England, only days ahead of the live event.

Off-road with Jaguar: Meet the F-Pace!
New Jag F-Pace drops in on Knysna

For once, an automaker was able to punt a produce with advertising material UNDER the car…

The F-Pace, Jaguar’s first “family sports-car”, has become the brand’s fastest-selling vehicle. In its first 10 months on sale more than 14 000 have been ordered.

Jaguar F-Pace goes two-wheels at Goodwood Image: Jaguar Land Rover
ADVERTISING COUNTS: It’s not often, though, that you see it from this perspective. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

The F-Pace is Jaguar’s first performance crossover and its light body comprises 80% cent aluminium – claimed to be the only aluminium-intensive design in its sector.

The cars are assembled at Jaguar Land Rover’s plant in Solihull in the English Midlands.

Jaguar F-Pace goes two-wheels at Goodwood Image: Jaguar Land Rover
THE DAY’S HEROES: Acrobatic stuntman Lee Bowers (left) and stunt driver Terry Grant with their Jaguar F-Pace at Goodwood. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

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