Smart marketing for hotshot new Brabus

2016 Smart Brabus. Image: Smart
2016 Smart Brabus. Image: Smart

STUTTGART, Germany – Unique agility and outstanding dynamics – the two outstanding traits of the new Smart Brabus.

The cars, ForTwo and FourFour, models are now available in South Africa, with prices ranging from R308 200 to R365 100.

The mini-car’s maker says “this exceptionally sporty and exclusive variant” has been introduced as Brabus and Brabus Xclusive to broaden the range of Smart cars.

Each is capable of 80kW/170Nm and joins the ForTwo, Cabriolet and ForFour models. All are now (July 2016) part of an extensive global advertising campaign on all relevant communication channels under the slogan: “Smart Brabus. The urban sports cars”.

2016 Smart Brabus. Image: Smart
2016 Smart Brabus. Image: Smart

The campaign features a video and interactive event marketing.

The standard 898cc, turbocharged, three-cylinder engine has been tuned to produce 20% percent more power and 25% more torque to haul the  Brabus to 100km/h in a claimed 9.5sec (nearly two seconds faster than the standard car).

The suspension is 20% stiffer, there’s a face-start feature, and a different exhaust system.

The new Xclusive adds sport seats with upholstery in perforated nappa leather/black leather, leather/fabric instrument panel, cockpit clock and rev counter, special mats and Xclusive exterior badging, diode lights and parking sensors, seat heating and a removable cargo  box.

Michael Schaller, head of marketing communication and brand management for Smart, told The Corner through a media release: “With the Smart Brabus, Smart fans can discover the city in an extremely sporty and exclusive Smart variant – the campaign is meant to highlight this aspect.

2016 Smart Brabus. Image: Smart
2016 Smart Brabus. Image: Smart

“We are presenting a sporty, dynamic and exclusive car truly out of the ordinary.The feeling of driving a Smart Brabus is hard to describe – you have to experience it on the road. It’s a traffic highlight.”

The “Most Xclusive Test Drive” video claims to ilustrate the “unique feeling” of driving a Smart Brabus by showing three groups of unsuspecting people who just wanted to test-drive the car – a family, a couple and a group of friends.

Just as they leave the Smart showroom a police escort is waiting to accompany them on the entire test drive. A camera captures the surprised reactions of the drivers and their police escort on this highly exclusive test drive, which can be seen in the film.

WATCH the Smart Brabus video here.

Smart will also stage a mobile Brabus ‘Live Escape Game’ in Hamburg (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Barcelona (Spain) and Rome (Italy) from September 2016.

The participants were selected randomly in those cities.

In groups of two to four , they will be trapped in a garage with the Brabus and given a set time to escape. Within this time they must solve interactive puzzles with and about the Brabus to liberate the car.

Each participant will get a surprise small prize.


Six print motifs for each Brabus variant will be published in national magazines, daily newspapers and the financial press. Headlines such as “More Newton. Less meters.”, “Airdrenalin” and “Interiyeah” are intended to arouse desire for the sporty city car.

Prospective customers can take the next step through to interrogate a product film and information about the Brabus and Brabus Xclusive.

All of the communication activities can also be seen on the Smart social media platforms. The campaign also has a dealer-marketing component.

The BBDO agency in Berlin was responsible for designing and implementing the campaign.

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