Opel’s awesome auto tops German design awards

Opel GT Concept wins 2016 top design award. Image: Opel Germany
BEST CONCEPT CAR OF 2016: So says the German Design Council of the Opel GT sports car. Image: Opel Germany

RUSSELSHEIM, Germany – The German Design Council, organiser of the Automotive Brand Contest, has named Opel’s GT Concept car as its best concept car of 2016.

Take another look at the image – it truly is a stunning vehicle.

Lead designer Mark Adams told The Corner through a media release: “The GT Concept is a dream car that takes Opel’s philosophy of ‘sculptural artistry meets German precision’ to the next level.

“Feedback has been simply overwhelming. My team and I are proud that our sports car study has been honoured as the best concept car of 2016.”


The competition’s jury chose the car, in the ‘Concepts’ category, as ‘Best of Best’.

There were three other first prizes for Opel: its dealer event “Mission Astra” received a “Best of Best” award while connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar and its new configurator for mobile devices won in the ‘Future Mobility & Parts’ and ‘Digital’ categories.

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The ‘mission’ was a launch event for Opel dealers, held in Spain’s Sierra Nevada, with the dealers spending two days as “Astranauts” in 250 futuristic tents in the desert.

Adams will receive his award on September 29 2016 at the Paris auto show.


The Opel GT was first presented at the 2016 Geneva auto show in March to, as the automaker says, “pay homage to the sports coupé icon, the first Opel GT, and as a trendsetter for the brand’s further development”.

The car is said to showcase Opel’s future design language, described by the automaker as “bold, emotional and sporty” and adding “the study, with its compact dimensions. is avant-garde yet purist”.

Of the ‘Astranaut’ event, Opel’s chief marketing officer Tina Müller said: “We always want to offer our dealers something different which is why we came up with a really unusual idea for the launch of the new Astra.

“With a tent-city next to a racetrack in what resembled a lunar landscape we created an event that money could not buy.”

The Automotive Brand contest is an international design competition for automobile brands established as a foundation in 1953 by the German Design Council to honour outstanding product and communication design and draw attention to the fundamental importance of brand design in the automotive industry.


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