Bristol’s back! Bullet first in salvo of new models

2016 Bristol Bullet. Image: Newspress
2016 Bristol Bullet. Image: Newspress

LONDON, England – Back from history’s misty days is British automaker Bristol, maker of way upmarket (though the word hadn’t been invented then) superior automobiles.

Frankly, if you’re talking personal transport, ‘car’ is too mundane a noun to use in the same sentence as ‘Bristol’.

Bristol has always been a low-volume automaker, at least until its closure in 2011. Indeed, its most recent published official production figures, according to Wikipedia, were for 1982 during which 104 cars were assembled.

2016 Bristol Bullet. Image: Newspress
2016 Bristol Bullet. Image: Newspress

Operations were in 2011 suspended at its only production facility – in Kensington, a suburb of the British capital – to which is attached its only showroom though back in the 1940’s Bristol made fighter planes and once-upon-a-time, as a major aircraft manufacturer, employed 50 000 people.

The Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company was formed after that war, later becoming Bristol Cars Limited.

Now the company is back to celebrate 70 years of sophisticated luxury motoring with the launch in July (2016) of the Bristol Bullet, a convertible very much in the original James Bond tradition.

‘Q’ would, perhaps, have loved to accessorise it…

Anyway, the car will have its first full public debut at the Salon Privé event scheduled for September 1-3 at Blenheim Palace, a World Heritage site in London.

Salon Privé, now in its 11th year, attracts the world’s leading manufacturers and collectors.

2016 Bristol Bullet. Image: Newspress
2016 Bristol Bullet. Image: Newspress

The Bullet has a 4.8-litre engine – source not yet specified – and can reach 250km/h, but who cares!, just take a look at this magnificent machine.

Julian Ramshaw, Bristol Cars general manager, told The Corner in a media release: ‘’The Bullet celebrates 70 years of design and innovation at Bristol Cars. This unique speedster sets the tone for the future of Bristol Cars – luxury, performance and elegance.

“It really is the ultimate driver’s car. We are delighted that the first public showing of the Bristol Bullet will be at Salon Privé.’’


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