New SsangYong Tivoli SUV… or is it a wagon?

  • Tivoli XLV ‘multirole’ – it’s an extended Tivoli SUV
  • 1.6 Euro 6 diesel engines – front or all-wheel drive
  • Five-year limitless-distance warranty – that’s cool!
SsangYong Tivoli Image: SsangYong/Newspress
TIVOLI FRESH OFF THE RACK: The now year-old SsangYong SUV has been stretched into what the automaker calls a cross between an estate/station-wagon and its original concept as an SUV. Image: SsangYong/Newspress

SEOUL, South Korea and LONDON, England – Korean automaker SsangYong believes it’s created a new type of automobile – a cross between a station-wagon and an SUV.

The company has decided on ‘multirole’ or SUV estate. You can call it what you choose but The Corner thinks it looks rather cool, especially in red. We remember when the scoffers laughed at Hyundai when its first units arrived in South Africa.

Who’s got engine oil on their face now…? And SsangYong now has a longish history in this country since the Musso was launch back in, we think, 1993 using Mercedes engines.

SsangYong Tivoli Image: SsangYong/Newspress
NOT REALLY A HATCHBACK: SsangYong sees its longer Tivoli as more of an estate car with its enlarged boot volume. Image: SsangYong/Newspress

Paul Williams, CEO of SsangYong Motor UK, told The Corner in a media release: “The SUV market has seen rapid growth and our new Tivoli, launched in 2015, is already our best-selling model with about 100 000 sold around the world.

“The Tivoli has been praised for meeting a number of customer requirements, not least its ability to carry five adults in comfort and for one of the largest boots in its class.

“Now we’ve gone a step further with an extended version with even more carrying capacity and practicality to enable us to compete not only with SUV’s such as the Nissan Qashqai but also with ‘station-wagons’ such as the Mini Clubman and other small estates.”

Prices start (UK, August 2016) at the equivalent of R320 000 and rise to R360 000 for the 4×4 auto. That’s a helluva lot less than the competition… and the car is a probably seller in South Africa – “certainly, it would be the next launch for our brand”, The Corner was told.

READ Carman’s Corner about the Tivoli SUV from March 2016

The XLV has the same platform and 2600mm wheelbase as the Tivoli but a body lengthened by 238mm from behind the C pillar which expands the load capacity to 720 cubic litres. Tivoli styling has been kept, including what SsangYong describes as “an harmoniously fused SUV body design, sports coupé look, and floating roof”.

SsangYong Tivoli Image: SsangYong/Newspress
SAME FACE AS ITS PARENT: The SsangYong Tivoli SUV/Estate is unchanged from the original version of a year earlier Image: SsangYong/Newspress

The automaker sees the XLV as providing a multi-role, multi-function, solution to a wide range of customers: the versatility for lugging baby buggies and cots, bikes and golf clubs, or business equipment during the week.

Seven crash bags (front, side, curtain and a driver’s knee bag), multi-function electronic stability conrol, rollover protection, braking and hills-start aid and an emergency stop signal (who else has that?), tyre-pressure monitoring and a -not fastened’ reminder on each of the five seat belts.

The Tivoli XLV is offered with a Euro 6-compliant 1.6 diesel engine and the option of a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic and two-wheel drive or 4×4.

The new turbodiesel engine makes a modest (by modern standards) 86kW from 3400-4000rpm and 300Nm from 1500-2500rpm, emits 117g/km of CO2 and comes with a choice of front or all-wheel drive, stop/start and (SanggYong data) as little as 4.5 litres/100km (combined cycle).

SsangYong has a long history with all-wheel drive, first seen on its SUV models, and the Tivoli is riding on that with an electronically controlled on-demand system.

In normal driving torque is sent only to the front wheels, switching automatically to AWD in poor-grip conditions. Ground clearance is 167mm, approach angle 20 degrees, departure angle 20.8 degrees and ramp angle 17 degrees.

SsangYong Tivoli Image: SsangYong/Newspress
TIDY TAIL, RAILS ON THE ROOF: They’re part of the  package, as are the ‘floating’ roof, auto aircon, power mirrors and lots of other ‘auto’ stuff.  Image: SsangYong/Newspress

SsangYong Tivoli

Comfort/luxury features include digital dual-zone auto aircon, RDS radio, 19cm highres touchscreen, USB/auxiliary port, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, TomTom satnav rear parking camera.

Cruise control, parking sensors front and rear, auto wipers and headlights and roof rails are also in the package. – Newspress/Carman’s Corner

As with all models in the SsangYong range (in the UK) the Tivoli XLV is covered by a five-year unlimited distance warranty that covers all major mechanical components including wheel bearings, suspension joints and bushes, steering joints, shock-absorbers and even the audio system.

Wearable components (clutch discs, brake pads whose life depends on use and driving style) are covered for a year or 20 000km and the battery and paintwork for three years.

SsangYong Tivoli Image: SsangYong/Newspress
LEATHER AND LUXURY: The SsangYong Tivoli  SUV is not short on cabin or luggage space and has a full suite of communication and satnav gear. Image: SsangYong/Newspress

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