Meet the folk who have the hots for the Smarts

  • Smart fans set record at Smart Times
  • Annual festival in Germany for first time
  • Beach volleyball girls show a leg
WOTALOTWEGOT (with apologies to Smarties): Smart Times 2016 Hamburg. Image: Smart
WOTALOTWEGOT (with apologies to that  other brand, Smarties): The Smart Times 2016 procession through Hamburg, Germany. Image: Smart

HAMBURG and STUTTGART, Germany – Roadster, coupé, cabrio? Petrol, diesel,  electric? Two or four seats? Special or standard? The Mercedes Smart range is huge – as shown by the 3167 Smart folk from around the world at the 16th Smart Times event.

The cars assembled in Germany for the first time,  in Hamburg, over August 26/27 2016 and transformed that city’s wholesale market into a festival of urban lifestyle – music, street food, Smart flea-market, a test track and a visit by Germany’s beach volleyball “golden girls” Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst.

WOTALOTWEGOT (with apologies to Smarties): Smart Times 2016 Hamburg. Image: Smart
SMART DUNE BUGGETTE: Smart Times 2016 – showing once again that Smart drivers are not normal people. Image: Smart

The highlight was the traditional closing parade: 1635 Smarts driven in procession through the streets of Hamburg, beating the Smart Times record of 1427 set two years earlier in Portugal.

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The whole shebang will move to Salou, Spain, for the 2017 event. Another record, perhaps, for an event that has attracted Smart enthusiasts to a different European city every year since 2011 to, the automaker says, “share their enthusiasm for the perfect city car and the spirit of the brand, chat to designers, tuners and experts, explore the city, take part in excursions and listen to live music”.

A highlight, the organisers reported, was the appearance by German beach volleyball duo Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst who drove on-stage in a gold Smart ForTwo cabrio.

Hamburg’s wholesale market became a showcase for automotive passion and creativity: a “Popemobile”, another in shocking pink, one with a wood look, another dressed as a fiery racer – even a high-riding off-roader: in total, 2053 vehicles.

The highlight, as every year, was the Smart parade through the city.

WOTALOTWEGOT (with apologies to Smarties): Smart Times 2016 Hamburg. Image: Smart
EVEN THE COPZ GOT IN ON DER ACT: We guess Smart Times 2016 was a working holiday for Hamburg’s Men in Blue, Certainly an arresting car… Image: Smart

Hamburg Smart Times 2016 facts and figures:
August 26/27, 2016 –  3167 participants from around the world 
1635 Smarts in one giant procession
Budapest, Hungary, Smart Times 2015 facts and figures:
August 28/29 2015 – 2476 participants, 1207 Smart cars in the parade.

BEACH CHAMPS: Image: Smart
BEACH CHAMPS: German beach volleyball duo Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst were at the Smart event in a gold Smart ForTwo cabrio, but we thought you’d prefer the real thing. Image: Smart

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