Coming Lexus flagship already set for race debut

  • Two-litre turbocharged engine
  • Wheel arches designed by Paul Hogan
  • Race car from ‘grand tourer’ coupe 
Lexus RC 2017
ALL SET FOR FIRST RACE IN JAPAN:  The Lexus RC turbo will hit the track in 2017. Image: Lexus

Lexus has unveiled a dramatic race car based on the all-new LC 500 Coupe though the production version is not expected in showrooms – including those in South Africa – until 2017.

The “the balanced aggression” (Lexus’ words – The Corner hates the word ‘aggression” when talking cars, there’s more than enough of it on the roads already, guys!) of the street car’s design “has not been compromised”, but merely takes the flagship coupe’s aerodynamic shape, curves and wide stance and keeps the distinctive Lexus spindle grille and L-shaped lights.

Lexus RC 2017
BOEING WING, ‘THE HULK’ WHEEL-ARCHES:  Tricked-out and ready to race in 2017 – the two-litre Lexus RC. Image: Lexus

The race car’s bodywork involves, however, wider wheel-arches, skirts, giant spoiler and rear diffuser and multiple vents for downforce and heat extraction.

The 1020kg car will be powered by a two-litre, direct-injection, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine turning a six-speed sequential gearbox.


The LC 500 was, Lexus says, originally designed as a grand tourer coupe but is “readily adaptable for racing with the aerodynamic package, weight-reduction measures and race-spec power train”.

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Testing is expected to start in September 2016 then the car will have its racing debut in Japan’s Super GT500 series in 2017 as the replacement for the Lexus RC F in the series.

The car Is being developed under the Lexus Gazoo banner.


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