Here comes the next Honda Civic

  • Honda Civic unveiled for export success
  • All-new Civic already landing in the US
  • More than 70 countries to retail the car
2017 Honda Civic
2017 Honda Civic

LONDON. England – The 10th generation of Honda Civic has been unveiled at the brand’s plant in Swindon, England, as production gets under way and the first units sent to the United States.

The factory, which started build in 1986, employs about 3600 people and is the global production hub for the Civic hatchback, its cars delivered to more than 70 countries.

Katsushi Inoue, president and COO of Honda Motor Europe, told Carman’s Corner in a media release: said: “As we reveal this Civic we look forward with confidence as we set out a clear and sustainable future role for the plant.”


The 10th-generation Civic, Honda says, is building on the brand’s strong sales performance in Europe – “Europe’s fastest-growing mainstream brand in 2016 with sales growing by 33% over 2015”. The sales target is 200 000 in Europe.

The Civic is already Honda’s global best-seller; Gen 10, it adds, is the result of one of the most comprehensive model developments yet for the brand.

“It’s more than simply an updated version – the development team used the latest approaches to body construction, aerodynamics and chassis design to produce a class-leading car.”


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