All-new Q5 from Audi at Paris auto show

  • All-new version of Audi 4×4 SUV worldwide
  • More cabin space – especially rear knee-room
  • Permanent 4×4 standard with allroad modes

ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi
ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi

PARIS, France – Audi’s Q5 is to be replaced by an all-new successor – a “ground-up re-work” that, Audi says, “brings an intense focus on connectivity, driving assistance, aeroacoustics and driving dynamics”.

“The first Audi Q5 was for many years the world’s best-selling SUV in its class. It was no easy task to design its successor, but that is precisely why it is so very exciting,” says

ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi
ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi

Rupert Stadler, chairman Audi AG’s management board, said ahead of the 2016 Paris auto show: “Among the great innovations are the quattro drive with ultra technology, highly efficient engines, air-suspension with damper control, and a comprehensive range of infotainment and assistance systems.”


The SUV will be available from early 2017 with Xenon headlights and either diode or high-resolution Matrix diode indicators as options. The tail door wraps around to the C pillars – “a typical feature of Audi Q models” – and the tail lights will be available with optional dynamic indicators.

The Q5 has, its maker says, grown in nearly all dimensions and is now 4.66m long, 1.89m wide and 1.66m tall with a 2.82m wheelbase but unladen weight has been reduced – depending on the engine – by as much as 90kg.

The cabin is good for five adults, a three-spoked, multifunction, steering-wheel is standard but an optional ambient cabin lighting system can create 30 colours, and the rear seat can split three ways to grow cargo/luggage capacity from 550 to 610 litres – the latter a marginal increase of 10 litres.

The volume grows to 1550 litres with the bench fully folded; access is through a power-operated tail door and, if necessary, the sill can be lowered through the adjustable air-suspension.

ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi
ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi

“The optional virtual cockpit,” Audi says, “presents brilliant graphics on its high-resolution 31cm screen. The driver can choose either of two views – classic with large round instruments or with satnav dominant. There’s also a 21cm multimedia display which recognises handwritten instructions, gestures and touch.


If the Q5 purchase has an auto transmission the car will also be equipped with a larger MMI with haptic feedback. The steering-wheel also has a number of controls.

The new Audi Q5, like the Q7 and the A4, will have a self-learning “personal route assist” function that can learn learn regular routes and and associate such information to the parked position and time of day.

ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi
ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi

The Audi phone box connects smartphones to the vehicle’s antenna for optimal reception; it can also charge a smartphone inductively. A Bang & Olufsen audio system and rear-seat Audi tablet can be used for rear-seat entertainment.

The Q5 will also launch a two-litre, 142kW, turbodiesel; it will be followed by a two-litre TFSI capable of 190kW but with an Audi-computed fuel-consumption of 6.8 litres/100km, and then by and “intensively revised” three-litre turbodiesel capable of 214kW/620Nm.


The “re-developed” drive train and transmissions – six-speed manual or seven-speed auto – include a fuel-saving freewheel feature on the auto, along with steering-wheen shift paddles. Quattro AWD units have a self-disconnecting rear axle when conditions permit.

The new Audi SUV comes from the factory with 18″ alloy wheel rims, the S line with 19″ but diametres up to 21″ can be fitted.

The cars will be assembled in Mexico and reach global markets through 2017.

ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi
ALL-NEW Q5: Image: Newspress/Audi

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