Shedding light on ‘ride the green wave’

    • Is ‘red-light misery’ heading for history?
    • UK drivers spend two days at red lights
    • Ford in ‘ride a green wave’ tech tests

BRENTWOOD, England – Imagine if you could take the kids to school, commute or drive across town without hitting a traffic light on red.

Ford UK is testing cars to make “riding the green wave” a daily reality in a programme called Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory – hardly a catchy title but intended to deliver information on traffic-light timing from a roadside unit so drivers can set the best speed to match green lights.

It’s part of a demonstration for the benefits of connected cars for UK Autodrive – the UK’s largest self-driving and connected-car trial. A 16-member, publicly funded, R350-million (Oct 2016) project to develop and test vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technology to make driving less stressful and time-consuming and cut fuel use.


Ford researcher Christian Ross told The Corner in a media release: “There’s not much worse than hitting red light after red light on the drive home. Enabling drivers to ‘ride the green wave’ also means a smoother traffic flow and a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.”

UK drivers waste about two days a year at red lights.

The Mondeo Hybrid cars provided by Ford are also testing emergency brake lights that warn when a vehicle ahead suddenly brakes hard – even if the incident is out of sight and as far as 500m away and future tests will, it’s hoped, identify a blocked junction and warn of approaching emergency vehicles.

The tests will use not only test circuits but also public roads through 2017 and 2018


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