Mercedes 2017 E-Class Coupé: Classic looks of a two-door sports car

  • First units off the lines in early 2017
  • New two-litre, super-eco diesel in range
  • ‘High-tech, contemporary luxury, agile sportiness’
2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress
2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe: It’s based on the E-Class sedans but is larger than its predecessor. Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress

STUTTGART, Germany – The 2017 E-Class Coupé, while having only two doors, is still seen by Mercedes as having not only “clear and sensual design” but also still seats four and carries state-of-the-art technology.

It’s about to be launched into international markets and, no doubt, will reach South Africa midway through 2017.

DIODE HEADLIGHTS, DOUBLE-DOME BONNET: Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress

Merc says it has all the intelligence (read tech) of the E-Class family with full smartphone integration, ‘Widescreen Cockpit’ and the latest drivingr assistance systems – including the option of semi-autonomous driving. But then that’s been around on Mercedes cars for many years.

“Powerful engines with low exhaust emissions and comfortable suspensions,” says Mercedes,”come with slef-adjusting shock-absorbers to guarantee of a sporty and agile driving experience.”

UK pricing and specification for RHD models will be announced later later in December with first deliveries in April 2017 – their arrival on the world market coming soon after “the world’s most intelligent” E-Class executive sedan, Estate and All-Terrain.

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Thomas Weber, Daimler AG board member for group research and Mercedes-Benz car development, told The Corner in a media release: “The car condenses contemporary luxury, agile sportiness and high-tech engineering into an automotive personality with refined driving pleasure.”

DIODE WELCOME:  It’s the new Coupe’s way of saying ‘Hello!’ when you press the key fob – and ‘Goodbye!’ when you lock up.  Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress

The Coupé is based on the sedan version while, the automaker says, adopting a distinctive front with a low sports grille, long bonnet with power domes, and four frameless side windows.

Mercedes says “typical” of a coupé are the two-part, extremely flat, diode-lit tail lights which, with diode Multibeam headlights, “celebrate the world premiere of a welcome feature”… when the vehicle’s locks are released the tail diodes illuminate successively from the centre of the vehicle out – and the other way when the car is locked.

“Innovative” crystal optics, Mercedes adds, give the tail lamps a brilliant appearance reminiscent of the glow of a jet engine.


The cabin may not have followed suite with a joystick and missile launch buttons but does, M-B says, “embody the synthesis of sporty emotion and luxurious intelligence” with two (options) high-res 31cm displays under one lens what the carmaker calls “a floating Widescreen Cockpit”.

THREE MODES FOR INSTRUMENTS:  This is Mercedes’ new ‘floating Widescreen Cockpit, but the lesser-models’ version. Others have two 21cm info screens. Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress

The virtual instrument cluster, set directly in front of the driver, has three styles, “Classic”, “Sport” and “Progressive”, depending on the information and views the driver chooses.

The entry-level model, however, combines two round dials and a 19cm colour display cluster (1000x600px) with a central display featuring a 21cm screen (960x540px). The airplane motif of the tail lights reoccurs with the cabin air vents, said to be “heavily influenced” by the look of a turbine engine.

NEW TWO-LITRE DIESEL:  It makes 143kW and is already in use in the Mercedes E-Class sedans. Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress

And we thought cars with wings and fins and other airborne goodies went out in the 1960’s…

Buttons on the steering-wheel control the instrument cluster and multimedia screens; the long-lived Linguatronic voice control is also available and the cabin is diode-lit – with a choice of 64 colours.

Avantegarde and AMG versions will also be available, according to perceived market.

The car is 4.8m long, 1.86m wide and 1.43m tall – somewhat longer, M-B says, than its predecessor.

A range of powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines will be available, each with start/stop and meeting Euro 6 emissions levels – one of them a new 143kW two-litre diesel also used in the E-Class sedan.

TURBINE TOUCH: The 1950’s aircraft motif continues – Mercedes says the coupe’s tail lights look like jet engine exhausts – and the cabin air vents like turbines. Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress

From launch there will be a choice of that engine and three petrol units variously capable of 135 to 245kW. Other engines variants and 4Matic are still some way down the production schedule.

All models available at market launch will have a 9G-Tronic nine-speed autobox and there will be the usual huge library of alternatives, features and accessories.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe: Sheer quality – a sports car that relies on its styling for aero influences and restrained lines for class. Image: Mercedes-Benz / Newspress









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