Kia’s new Stinger takes Detroit auto show award

  •      Coveted awards selected by auto design leaders
  •      Stinger sport sedan ‘poised to redefine segment’
  •      ‘Fastback’ sedan realises designers’ dreams
2017 KIA STINGER: Image: Kia Motors
2017 KIA STINGER: Image: Kia Motors

DETROIT, Michigan – Kia’s new Stinger large fastback/sedan has won the ‘EyesOn Design’ award for production car design at the 2017 Detroit auto show.

The competition is usually dominated by American new vehicles.

Peter Schreyer, Kia Motors’ chief design officer, told The Corner in a media release: “We’ve made a lot of great cars – I’m proud of all of them – but the Stinger is something special.”

The Corner first told you about it earlier in January.


EyesOn awards honour the best production and concept vehicles debuted at the North American International Auto Show; the categories for 2017 were Concept Car, Production Car, Concept Truck, Production Truck, Innovative Use of Colour, Graphics and Materials, Interior Design, User Experience Award, and Designer Catalyst.

2017 KIA STINGER: Image: Kia Motors
2017 KIA STINGER: Image: Kia Motors

The Stinger’s design was overseen by Peter Schreyer and Gregory Guillaume – the latter Kia’s chief designer in Europe and the automaker described it as “a sport sedan dedicated to the thrill of driving while cossetting its occupants in luxury”.

Here’s more direct from the fingers of Kia’s media people: “From its sleek front through its svelte flanks and up to its powerful haunches the Stinger exudes a muscular confidence.


“The Stinger’s stance and visual balance are designed to lend the car an air of elegance and athleticism, rather than boy-racer aggression (disgraceful word for an automaker to use – Ed.). Inside is a purposeful cabin that is luxurious and exquisitely crafted. A strong horizontal plane across the dash presents the driver with a thick, leather-wrapped steering wheel.

“Front and centre of the driver is a single instrument binnacle with a combination of analogue and digital instrumentation.”

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The automaker hopes to have the car in showrooms across Europe (and, The Corner hopes, South Africa) in the fourth quarter of 2017.

‘EyesOn’ are the official design awards for Naias and regarded as the validation of great automobile design from industry leaders. They are prominently displayed in design studios around the world.


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