Obsessive Brit drivers say ‘keep it clean, mate!’

  • Almost 30% of Brits ban eating in their car
  • 25% say no pets, 63% say ‘no smoking!
  • But how often do they clean their wheels?

LONDON, England – Research by CarGurus show most drivers in Britain have strict rules for passengers in their car when it comes to food, drinks and smokes. Here’s how the survey went…

“Be it a faithful family car or first wheels,” the gurus say, “Brits are very precious when it comes to their cars, We found a whopping 80% of Brits admitted to strict rules on their passengers to help keep that ‘new car’ feeling*.”

The research found that the top regimes imposed by clean-car-crazy Brits included no eating or drinking in the car (30%), no pets (23%) and no young children (6%) in case they made a mess.

Most of all, though, 63% of Brits don’t smoking in their car.


Drivers in Wales are strictest on rule: about half ban food/drinks, a quarter ban pets. Londoners are most relaxed with food and liquids (24%) and Scots are the most pet-friendly – only 17% say “no way!”.

Clean, however, seems to stop short at a Sunday wash and valet. The same survey showed Brits only clean their car, inside and out, on average every seven months. And they only consider their car ‘new’ for about a year after purchase – whether it was new or used..

Of those in the survey, only 18% admitted they judged people by the state of their car; conversely, only 16% said they kept their car “in a good state” to impress others while 22% admitted thinking less of others with a messy car – “if their car is messy, they must be messy”.


Sarah Welch, CarGurus http://www.cargurus.co.uk spokesperson, added: “Our research has shown that Brits really do care about their cars – for many it is seen as a reflection of its owner.

“Whether the rules the driver impose are considered extreme or not, it’s clear people want to keep that ‘new car’ feeling.

“A car is a huge investment, new or used, and so it’s important to keep it in the best possible condition to retain its value for future sale.”

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