Outgoing Suzy Swift earns its stripes – and spoilers

  • Decals and body bits for outgoing Swift
  • Cheery seat covers smarten the cabin
  • Run-out model in limited numbers
2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress
2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Stripes and decals – but essentially the same car. Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Suzuki believes 2017 is going to be an exciting year and to start it off has introduced a Special Edition Suzuki Swift 1.2 RS with some extra body trim, decals and special seat covers.

The Swift range was launched in South Africa in 2011 and refreshed in 2014.

Suzuki SA says: “The Swift RS will be produced in limited numbers to enhance the Swift’s sporty heritage and was designed to celebrate its racing pedigree.”

2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress
2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress

Also likely to add excitement to the year will be the arrival of the new Suzuki Swift later this year – it has already been launched elsewhere.


Whatever, the South African 1.2 RS is simply based on the current Swift 1.2 GL so will have power windows, radio / CD player with Bluetooth connectivity, aircon, a multi-function steering-wheel and two crash bags.

To justify the RS badge, Suzuki has added front and rear spoilers and side skirts to make the car look closer to the road, dark machined alloy wheel rims shod with Goodyear Dura tyres, and a spoiler at the top of its rear hatch.

The RS will only be available in white metallic but have dark blue decals and RS lettering and, in the cabin, custom seat covers.

2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress
2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Bright seat covers match the decals. Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress

The 1.2-litre, 63kW, quad-valve engine is also used in larger Suzukis, its power delivered through a five-speed manual gearbox only on the RS, but the Swift is lighter which, the automaker says, helps to deliver lower fuel-consumption: 5.3 litres/100km is said to be possible.

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The Swift range does however, have 1.4 and 1.6-litre alternatives though not, apparently, as an RS. The normal range includes GL, GLS and Sport models. Read more here.

André Venter, sales and marketing boss at Suzuki Auto SA, told The Corner: “When we conceptualised the 1.2 RS we set the target of creating an exciting and visually appealing Special Edition for less than R200 000.”

Take a look at a video of the upcoming Swift…

So, it costs R184 000. Standard Suzuki Swift models start at R152 900.

The Swift 1.2 RS will be sold with a two-year or 30 000km service plan and a three-year or 100 000km warranty.

2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress
2017 SUZUKI SWIFT RS: Cute new spoiler over the reat hatch and sexier wheel rims and tyres. Image: Suzuki SA / Motorpress

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