Now you CAN take your dog with you

  • Dog-friendly crossover concept for families
  • Carry (and wash after the walk) two dogs
  • Seems to be the ultimate gear for dog-lovers
TAKE THE DOGS: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
SEE, YOU CAN TAKE THE DOGS! All cleaned up and ready for home after dad used the Nissan X-Trail for Dogs kit which comes with spill-proof water bowl, snack dispenser, comfy bed and a wash-‘n-dry kit for after a muddy walk.   Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

“SHOULD WE TAKE the dog?” It’s a question almost always asked whenever an outing in the family car is being arranged – and more often than not the answer is: “Why not?”

And that’s when the problems begin… How long is the journey? Will the dog(s) be comfortable? No, they’ll get wet at the beach? There’s be mud all over the boot! And a survey by the UK’s Kennel Club has show most families would prefer a car with hound-hugging qualities.

TAKE THE DOGS: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
SAFELY STOWED:  The doggy shower kit dissembled and folding into a special compartment below the X-Trail’s boot floor. Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

Nissan lissand… and has come up with the X-Trail 4Dogs wagon concept to turn its flagship crossover into “the perfect car for family adventures, particularly those involving four-legged passengers”.


This X-Trail comes with its behind-the-back-seat luggage space converted into a comfortable travel space for one or two animals – most likely to be dogs. The 445-litres space has a suite of innovative features intended to benefit the dog or its owner.

No longer is a muddy forest walk a problem: there’s a hula hoop-style shower to attach to a hose (from its own storage space) and a post-shampool doggy dryer.

A slideaway collapsible ramp help larger dogs stay out of the mud and walk up into the boot to settle for the trip home in a luxurious doggy bed, lap water from a no-spill bowl or take a snack from a dog-treat dispenser. Transit safety comes from a clip-on harness hook.

TAKE THE DOGS: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
NOW THIS IS REALLY CLEVER:  This special shower kit and hose come with the system but could even be used at home. And after a good rinse, the hound has its own dryer, too.   Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

A ‘dog-cam’ connected to the X-Trail’s NissanConnect infotainment system can keep an eye on the hound through a 25cm facia display and an audio link allows the driver to mooch sooting noises to the pooch over an audio link.


The shower and dryer live in a pull-out utility drawer and extra boot compartments can be used to keep the area clutter-free. The X-Trail 4Dogs can include a dog guard above the rear seats at extra cost – and useful for dog owners who don’t want to go the whole dog… sorry, hog.

The whole boot has been upholstered in premium wipe-clean leather so any dirt or furr can be wiped off or removed.

Nissan created the 4Dogs concept after surveying more than 1300 dog owners, courtesy of the Kennel Club. Here’s what it revealed…

99.9% of dog owners consider their pet part of the family
98.7% would use their car to transport their dog
88.9% would buy a car with dog-friendly features
88.7% carry their dog by car at least once a week
90.5% carry their dog for journeys of 10 minutes or more
54.7% would like their dog to enter the car easily
71.5% carry their dog in the boot or on the back seat
50.9% said a luggage space was right for their dog

TAKE THE DOGS: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
TAKING THE EASY WAY:  Sometimes you don’t want to pick up a damp dog – particularly one this size. So Nissan’s supplied a slideaway aluminium ramp. Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

Vet Dr Rachel Homeny told The Corner in a media release: “The features are really well-considered – perfect for taking pets out in any weathers. In particular, the wash-‘n-dry allows dogs to be dogs and get dirty and wet. This is a great concept for man’s best friend.”

WATCH THE Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept in action

The 4Dogs gear can be easily removed to create normal load space when the dog(s) is not with the family and the spare wheel remains accessible.

The X-Trail is available with five or seven seats which fold to create a flat load volume of 1982 litres.  Every five-seater comes with a luggage board system to adjust the boot, with shelves and dividers, into 18 possible cargo configurations.

TAKE THE DOGS: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
UNIQUE BOOT LOGO:  Dogs aboard, tail door closed, and the Nissan X-Trail looks just like the usual station-wagon.  Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

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