2017 South African Coty named at Kyalami

  • Opel product takes yet another Coty win
  • GM SA promising ‘new journey’ for 2017
  • Only one winner from long-running contest
  • astra wins coty 2017
    2017 SA COTY WINNER: Opel Astra takes the title with a presentation at the new Kyalami racetrack in Gauteng. Image: Quickpic

    JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Opel’s Astra has been named as South African Guild of Motoring Journalists’ 2017 Car of the Year.

    The result was announced during a banquet at Kyalami racetrack on March 15 and made South Africa the 13th country where the car, the 11th iteration of the Astra, has won such an accolade.

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    Ian Nicholls, MD of Opel’s parent, General Motors, for Africa south of the Sahara Desert, told The Corner in a media release: “Opel last won the SA title in the 1990’s – and three times at that with the Monza 160 GSi (1991), Kadett 140 (1994) and  Astra 160iS (1995).”

    The Coty panel was keen on the Astra’s ‘overall excellence’ but specifically its build quality and dynamic ability with its road-holding and handling.


    Nicholls added: “Opel has always embraced challenges by offering unique solutions to the motoring needs of a diverse customer base and the brand is about to embark on a new journey (2017) with the potential to make it a major player in Europe and other key global markets.”

    The only award in the Coty is an overall winner.


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