More charging points fuelling UK demand for battery cars

    • UK resistance to EV purchases easing
    • More charging points still needed
    • There’s a message for South Africa, too
‘REFUELLING’ TIME’: Three converted TOyota Prius plug-In hybrids charging at San Francisco City Hall.  Read more at

LONDON, England – How opinions have changed! A UK survey by Venson Automotive Solutions shows 85% of current car owners would now consider buying an electric vehicle or choosing one as their company car.

The main negative was still the lack of charging points – 69% generally but 88% in congested south-east England. The same opinions probably also apply across South Africa – though the main deterrent is the long distances between towns.

About 80% of women but 50% of men in the UK said they would avoid an EV until public charge points were commonplace – something that might develop soon given the  UK government’s announcement to improve the provision of charging points as part of a Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill.


Total and Shell – in the UK, at least – are making charging points standard at their fuel stations. So they should!, says The Corner – and South African stations should be doing the same if only to drum up extra business at their takeaway counters and washbays while EV owners spend at least a half-hour “refuelling”.

The survey also highlighted the lack of ownership education – over and above environmental benefits. Of those surveyed, 41% said their general lack of knowledge about the total cost and convenience of owning such a vehicle affected their choice.

More clarity on the financial benefits of EV ownership was needed.


Limited battery  range was second (61%) and the cost of charging (42%) third. Women (31%) were more reluctant than men (15%) to consider an EV because of the lack of opportunity to ‘try before I buy’.

Respondents aged 25-34 were most likely to consider an EV (90%) with those aged 55-64 were close at 89%.

Alison Bell,  Venson Automotive Solutions’ marketing director, told The Corner in a media release:  “That public attitudes to electric vehicles are significantly shifting is encouraging the industry to invest in infrastructure.

“Clearly, Total and Shell installing more charging points will grow confidence when choosing EV or hybrid.”

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