Millions of vehicle owners ignore safety recalls

LONDON, England – Millions of vehicle owners are putting themselves and other road users at risk by failing to respond to automakers; recall notices.

An investigation by car magazine Auto Express reports that dangerous faults were going uncorrected, even though the repairs are usually free. This, the magazine suggests, should be huge motivation for the annual UK roadworthy test to include recall certification.

Auto Express revealed that vehicle owners were ignoring official recall notices for faulty crash-bags, fire risks and problems with steering and brakes – most of them widely reported in the world’s press and across the internet.


Many of the issues do not affect how a car drives but could cause a sudden failure or be deadly in an accident.

Data from the UK’s Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) reveal that 2.2-million units in Britain had been recalled but only 48% of them were taken to a dealer for the required update.

The top 10 list of recalls since 2012 is led by the Takata crash-bag  fault that affected millions of vehicles assembled by BMW, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. BMW’s recall rate for its crash-bag problem has been only 1.5%, Toyota 25%.


John McIlroy, deputy editor of Auto Express, told The Corner in a media release: “It’s scandalous that so many dangerous cars are driving around with faults which could be fixed free. Owners are either unaware because records aren’t up to date or they just don’t think it’s worth their time.

“A car should not be deemed roadworthy by a tester if it has an outstanding recall logged. This would very quickly purge British roads of these dangerous cars.”

Read the full Auto Express feature here.


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