British rich to pay big-time for speeding?

  • Percentage of salary instant penalty
  • Will scofflaws take notice of change?
  • Highly paid will pay more in cash fines
UK SPEED LIMIT SIGN. 50mph is about 80km/h. Image: Wikipedia
UK SPEED LIMIT SIGN. 50mph is about 80km/h. Image: Wikipedia

LONDON, England – Punishment for people caught speeding in England face forking out much more cash for penalties under a series of strict new rules for judges and magistrates.

The plan (something advocated by The Corner several times and also in use in Sweden) means the maximum fine could rise to 1.5 times the driver’s weekly income. The current limit is a week’s pay.

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It will, The Corner believes, deter scofflaws for whom a traffic fine is merely another monthly expense that makes a small dent in their bank balance. The media release about the new penalties did not indicated punishments that might be expected by the unemployed.


The increased penalties will include driving at 41mph in a 20mph area, 51mph in a 30mph zone or 66mph in a 40mph area

Gary Rae, campaigns director for British road-safety organisation Brake, told The Corner in a media release: “Tougher fines for speeding are long overdue. As a charity giving support to families whose relative(s) have been killed or seriously injured in a crash we see every day the consequences of speeding.

“I hope magistrates make sure the new penalties are consistently applied.

Speeding or driving too fast for the road conditions was recorded (by police at crash scenes) as contributing to of 23% of fatal crashes in Britain in 2015. A Brake survey found that four in 10 drivers in the UK admitted to driving at 30mph in a 20mph zone.


The current minimum penalty for speeding in the UK is a £100 fine and three licence demerit points.. The maximum is £1000 or £2500 for motorway offences.(£1=R16.50)

This week it was announced that a soccer player is to be paid £600 000+ A WEEK!


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