Want to top up your EV at 100km/h? It’s coming…

  • Picking up battery power at 100km/h
  • French testing of in-road transmitter 
  • Target: Extending range of EV’s
READING BETWEEN THE LINES; A 100m test track in France can charge a passing EV's battery at up to 100km/h. Image: Newspress
READING BETWEEN THE LINES: A 100m test track in France can charge a passing EV’s battery at up to 100km/h. Image: Newspress

VERSAILLES, France – Renault has demonstrated dynamic wireless electric vehicle charging which tops-up battery packs while the car is on the move.

The automaker teamed with Qualcomm Technologies and Vedecom (French only) to design  a system capable of charging a vehicle travelling as fast as 100km/h.

The idea is to support the implementation of dynamic charging; the demonstration used two Renault Kangoo ZE units that can collect charge in either direction along the test track.

electric kangoo pos 2
Image: Newspress

The 100m track was built near Paris by Vedecom.

The tests will evaluate the operation and efficiency of electrical energy  transfer for a wide range of practical scenarios, among them vehicle identification and authorisation, power level agreement between track and vehicle, speed, and track alignment of the vehicle.


FABRIC* is a €9-million project, part-funded by the European Union, to address the technological feasibility, economic viability and socio-environmental sustainability of wireless mobile charging.

The project, begun in January 2014 and scheduled to run until December 2017, is being undertaken by 25 partners from nine European countries, among them automakers, suppliers, service providers and researchers from automotive, road, and energy infrastructure domains.

The main aim  is to conduct feasibility analysis of wireless charging to extend the range of electric vehicles.


Eric Feunteun, EV programme director with the Renault group, explained: “Contribution to this project let us test dynamic charging on our Kangoo ZE.

“We are inventors. We are wireless electric vehicle charging.”

*FABRIC stands for FeAsiBility analysis and development of on-Road chargIng solutions for future electriC vehicles.


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