Off you scoot! See Paris on two wheels

    • Pick up a scooter anywhere in Paris
    • Skip the taxis, just ride yourself around
    • Just be over 21 and have a driving licence
BOOK A SCOOT: Image: Bosch / Newspess
BOOK A SCOOT: Bosch has put 600 electric scooters on the streets of Paris. You can find one and ride away with a handy phone app. Image: Bosch / Newspress

PARIS, France – Planning to visit the French capital sometime soon? Then look forward to renting an electric scooter to zip through the traffic from viewsite to monument, art gallery to restaurant.

No parking problem (Parisians are noted for their nifty motorcycle parking), no squashing into a Metro underground carriage and no fuel to pay for.

The e-scooter sharing service, called Coup (‘cut’ in French) is about to be started with a fleet of 600 scooters to be reserved and rented instead of taking a taxi, bus or – if you live there – your own car.

BOOK A SCOOT: Image: Bosch / Newspess
BOOK A SCOOT: Image: Bosch / Newspress

Just roam the Lovers’ City on two wheels.

Markus Heyn, a member of the board of management of Robert Bosch, says Coup is another step in the company’s effort to establish itself as a provider of connected mobility solutions and hopes to expand the service to other cities.


E-scooter sharing has, he adds, already proved itself in Berlin, Germany, where it has operated for a year. “Coup’s launch there has surpassed expectations; its success has given us confidence to expand.”

Paris is one of Earth’s most densely populated cities and has a high levels of particulate pollution, a shortage of parking spots – and traffic jams. Scooters are increasingly popular as practical transport.

Heyn added: “Paris is a perfect place for Coup and by taking this step we will pioneer efficient urban mobility. Young people, in particular, want to hit the city streets without stress but don’t necessarily want to own a vehicle.

“Urban mobility is going to change radically over the next few years. Bosch wants to help shape this transformation with mobility and service solutions that understand users’ requirements.”


So, any person older than 21 who has a French or international driving licence can use the service. With a cellphone app, a customer can find, reserve, and book the closest e-scooter, go to it, and simply ride away.

No key is necessary. A helmet and two replaceable batteries are located under the seat. Coup takes care of charging the batteries which, Bosch says, are recharged with green electricity and take the scooter to 45km/h. Parking for them is available in designated zones within Coup’s business territory.

Rental costs four Euros per half-hour, another Euro for every extra 10 minutes. (1 Euro = about R15 at May 2017).


Bosch says connected services are part of its corporate mobility strategy and becoming an integral element of its business. It is already developing solutions for connected parking-slot management for a cloud-based fleet management system, as well as for an app-based mobility assistant targeting the multi-mode use of various means of transport.

“Coup is another building block in the mobility solutions business sector.”

OK? So off you scoot, then…

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