Look out for Chinese driveaway: GWM Haval on way to SA

  • How about having a Haval?
  • Chinese best-seller heading for SA
  • Compact SUV has 105kW turbo engine
GWM HAVAL: Image GWM / Quickpic
GWM HAVAL: Image GWM / Quickpic

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Great Wall Motors’ is celebrating a decade in South Africa with the introduction of its Haval SUV.

Through the past 10 years the Chinese automaker claims to have imported more than 55 000 vehicles and developed more than 40 dealers across the country while, its adds “has become a respected byword for durability, value, and quality.

GWM HAVAL: Image GWM / Quickpic
GWM HAVAL: Image GWM / Quickpic

Still to come in 2017 is the reintro-duction of the H5 and H6 SUVs as well as a refreshed range of Steed bakkies.

Until then, though, will be the arrival of the Haval H2 at the end of May 2017.


The Haval is the premium sub-brand of GWM; the name might still be strange to South African tongues (it rhymes with “gravel”) but is a big seller in its home market – more than a million through 2016.

Which, the automaker says, makes it the best-selling SUV in China.

“Indeed,” Haval says in its media release, “the H2 seems set to shake up the unquenchable South African market for sub-compact SUVs with its mixture of excellent driving dynamics, slick styling, high safety levels, and superb quality inside and out.”

It’s powered by a 1.5-litre turbopetrol engine capable of  a claimed 105kW and 202Nm – which is some whack, The Corner says, from a 1.5, and goes to the front wheels through a six-speed manual or auto gearbox

The facia carries a high-resolution touch-screen infotainment system and, Haval says, the car has a five-star C-NCAP rating and will be delivered with five years of roadside assistance along with a five-year or 100 000km warranty – which also, we’re told, applies to all Haval vehicles.

GWM HAVAL: Image: GWM / Quickpic

As Charles Zhao, managing director of Haval Motors SA, says: “The South African market plays an important part in our international expansion strategy and we will continue to distribute Haval and GWM vehicles, offer parts and service support, and administer warranties through the already established dealer network.”


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