Nissan Micra trio complete with arrival of third engine

  • 53kW entry petrol model now with dealers
  • Will account for about 15% of UK Micra sales
  • Range of three Micra engines now complete
Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
2017 NISSAN MICRA:  Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

PARIS, France – The launch range of an all-new Nissan Micra is complete and are being shipped to dealers across Europe, among them the “eagerly anticipated” one-litre” 53kW entry-level model.

That’s the last of three launch engines to go on sale but, the automaker says, will play a vital sales role. It offers a choice of 15 or 16″ wheel rims.

The three-cylinder engine is hooked to a five-speed manual transmission and Nissan says buyers can expect close to 40km/litre.

Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
2017 NISSAN MICRA: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

The other two engines are a three-cylinder, 900cc, 66kW, three-cylinder turbopetrol and a 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel – each of which reached showrooms earlier in 2017.


“The new Nissan Micra is quite simply a revolution,” Nissan says, “It’s a radical progression from the model it replaced. The ‘superminis’ date back to the Micras’ debut in Europe in 1983.”

The 2017 cars are wider and lower and were designed with European buyers’ needs “at the top of the agenda”.

“The contemporary look and premium feel continues inside,” Nissan said, “with a high-quality cabin that has two-tone, soft-touch, materials across the range.

“The car is also a technology leader with features new not only new to the Micra but also to the segment. Among them are ‘intelligent lane intervention’, a safety system which gently puts the Micra back into its lane – should it be so set.”

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A Bose Personal audio system includes speakers in the driver’s head restraint.
A wide range of personalisation options will enable owners to modify the shell and cabin with premium components “in a variety of stylish and contemporary colours”.

“Those who have tried the new Micra,” Nissan says, “report that it is a fantastic car to drive, with a dynamic performance balanced between agility, excitement and the secure feeling that comes with confident and predictable handling.”

Image: Nissan UK / Newspress
2017 NISSAN MICRA: Image: Nissan UK / Newspress

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