Predictive techs: End to roadside breakdowns on horizon?

  • Breakdowns could be pre-empted using in-vehicle data
  • UK’s eight-million roadsiders cost £1.3bm a year
  • Telematics will save vehicle owners time and money

LONDON, England – Technology could halve the number of unexpected roadside breakdowns by 2020 as data increasingly identifies a malfunctions before it occurs. Wouldn’t that be nice here in long-distance South Africa…?

Whatever, telematics expert In-car Cleverness in England believes harnessing this data would slash repair bills by £1.3-billion a year as the one in four vehicles which break down during a year could be inspected before they fail.

SUCH A LITTLE THING: Perhaps, but technology such as this could prevent big things such as roadside breakdown. Image: Newspress
SUCH A LITTLE THING: Perhaps, but technology such as this could prevent big things such as a roadside breakdown. Image: In=Car Cleverness / Newspress

Curtailing motorists’ love-hate relationship with the hard shoulder would also save millions of hours lost waiting for recovery services and organising repair for the estimated eight-million breakdowns each year.


The projection comes as vehicle manufacturers and specialists (such as In-car Cleverness) help to accelerate the uptake and acceptance of the technology which can be installed during production of, or retrofitted to, vehicles provides a proactive repair and maintenance alternative to traditional servicing.

However, In-car Cleverness says, the more and more components in vehicle systems are increasingly connected to the diagnostics system; that means analytical telematic devices can access data to predict a fault or error.

Paul O’Dowd, In-car Cleverness’ head of sales, told Carman’s Corner in a media release: “It’s not impossible to foresee a future in which almost no unexpected breakdowns occur.

“In-vehicle technology – remote diagnostics, in this context – has come on in leaps and bounds and as uptake increases we will be able to anticipate a large percentage of the nation’s vehicle glitches.

“This predictive maintenance alongside routine check-ups will reduce the cost of running vehicles – prevention is always better than cure.”

In parallel with the use of diagnostics via vehicle software the comprehensive feedback on vehicle health can be supported by driving-behaviour monitoring. – Newspress


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