Beat traffic commute with this high-tech battery scoot

    • Put foot to work (maybe) with the scoot
    • Cruise at 25km/h through town or country
    • BMW tech – but at (in SA) a tough price
BMW Motorrad X2City Image: BMW
BMW X2CITY: Add some kick to your kick-scooter. Electric power means 25km/h for your school or work commute. Image: BMW Motorrad

MUNICH, Germany – The new BMW Motorrad X2City folding scooter is yet another fresh new face at the BMW Group in the segment of zero-emissions, two wheels, mobility.

The kick-scooter with an electric auxiliary drive is light and compact and takes its rider where heshe wants to go regardless of traffic jams, shortage of parking or public transport timetables.

The X2City, the mobilitymaker says, can reach 25km/h and run for 25-35km, and is sending another clear signal of its commitment to developing sustainable and innovative solutions to urban single-track mobility of the future.

BMW Motorrad X2City Image: BMW
BMW X2CITY: Disc brakes and a motor-cycle style shock-absorber help with safe riding. Image: BMW Motorrad

The scoot is classified as a “Pedelec25” so neither a helmet nor driving licence is required in Europe – but the user must be at least 14 years old.


The X2City comes from a co-operation by BMW Motorrad and ZEG and its brands Kettler, Bulls, Pegasus, Hercules, and others. It will not be distributed through BMW Motorrad dealers but by selected bicycle shops and online.

This sales channel gives BMW Motorrad access to new a market beyond the conventional motorcycle segments; the scoots should be available from the end of 2017.

A below proce €2500 is in the air – about R38 000 (July 7 2017). For which in South Africa you could by a small, almost new, motorcycle… so perhaps we could excuse SA Motorrad if they pass.

Whatever, the X2City can be used as standalone transport over short distances or supplement a car or public transport. It weighs 20kg, but the upright bit folds down so it can be carried in a car boot and be ready to ride within moments of parking.

While 20kg is pretty heavy to carry around, its maker says it will be easy to transport in a bus or train.

BMW Motorrad X2City Image: BMW
BMW X2CITY: The electric motor lives in the rear wheel-hub and, yes, that’s a tail/brakelight . Image: BMW Motorrad

The electric motor in the rear wheel hub can be set to cruise at eight, 12, 16, 20 or 25 km/h but only after the scoot has reached manual propulsion of six km/h. The electric drive can be turned off at any time using a switch in the brake lever.

The battery can be charged from flat, through a home socket, in about 2.5 hours.


The big and robust pneumatic tyres can handle tar or modest off-the-beaten-track travel – especially gravel – and even cobblestones, still common in older sections of European towns.

Each wheel has a brake disc and the scoot has a brake light; a head and rear light are also fitted according to legal road requirements.

Generous trim and wheel guards front and rear keep away the dirt and splash water at bay and an integrated micro-USB socket in the display/operating unit will charge your smartphone while riding.

An X2City rider needs no special clothing but wearing a bicycle helmet might be a good idea. Just in case…

BMW Motorrad X2City Image: BMW
BMW X2CITY: The media info doesn’t say so, but we’d guess that white plate is a footbrake? Image: BMW Motorrad

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