BMW Motorrad goes high-tech with bike info screen

  • All bike info through one-touch controller
  • Take a phone call on move, get full route
  • Rider distraction kept to the minimum
NEW TFT SCREEN FROM BMW: The brand's Motorrad guys have come up with an awesome info display for its 1200 models now - others later. Images: BMW Motorrad
NEW TFT SCREEN FROM BMW: The brand’s Motorrad guys have come up with an awesome info display for its 1200 models now – others later. The images below are self explanatory. All images: BMW Motorrad

MUNICH, Germany – BMW Motorrad has brought to market what it describes as “a high-quality”, 16.5cm, full-colour, TFT display to providing fast and clear information to riders.

The intention of the new Connectivity option is to show vital information with the least-possible eyes-off-the-road distraction and will be available towards the end of 2017 on the R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure – though more models will follow.

The rider can access motorcycle and connectivity functions quickly and easily while on the move through what it describes as “a multi-controller”.

“The display,” BMW says, “combines the familiar classic display of data such as engine revs and road speed with new technology to provide an enormous range of features.”

Motorrad engineers say they focussed on designing all the rider interaction activities in a way that would minimise rider-distraction.

“We set new standards in this respect.” the boffins said, “as it was possible to find suitable displays ideal for many applications. The interaction can be regulated by the already well-proven ‘multi-controller’.

“If, for example, the rider connects a smartphone and a BMW Motorrad communication system helmet the TFT display can be used to access media playback and phone. If a Bluetooth connection has been established with any standard smartphone the rider can listen to music while riding.”

Heshe can also jump back and forth through a music collection, see all phone contacts and can select to call (while stationary, we hope – ED). An incoming call can be taken or rejected on the move with a single tip of the controller.

The BMW Motorrad Connected App with arrow navigation is a world first for motorcycles offered directly via the TFT display. Ridden routes or ride statistics and information can be recorded.

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The arrow navigation in the form of turn-by-turn arrow directions directly in the TFT display and provides very precise turn indications, including lane-guiding. Last destinations or points of interest can also be called up directly.

BMW Motorrad Navigator is still recommended for long-distance riders but can also be run through the multi-controller. The operating focus can be simply transferred from the TFT display to the Navigator.

“The TFT display,” BMW adds, “offers simple state-of-the-art access to the host motorcycle’s settings and information. Intuitive information graphics display valuable information – for example tyre-pressures.

“Not only the current tyre-pressure settings are displayed but also those recommended in the current riding situation.


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