Jaguar E-Pace takes flying leap into SUV space

  • Jaguar E-Pace  in record aerial launch
  • Second record for premier UK brand
  • Final test after 25 months of development
2017 JAGUAR F-PACE LAUNCH: Image: Jaguar / Newspress
2017 JAGUAR E-PACE LAUNCH: This cool multi-exposure shot shows how the E-Pace gets half off the ramp before leaping into a 15.3m barrel roll. Image: Jaguar / Newspress

LONDON, England – The new Jaguar E-Pace has, during its official launch in the UK, set a Guinness World Record with a 15.3m barrel roll between two ramps.

Apart from car’s official launch, the idea was to celebrate great automotive stunts performed for the film industry.

The E-Pace and stunt driver Terry Grant performed the world-record jump at ExCeL in London, one of only a handful of venues in the UK big enough to accommodate the 160m approach and run-off vital for the leap.

2017 JAGUAR F-PACE LAUNCH: Image: Jaguar / Newspress
2017 JAGUAR E-PACE LAUNCH: Stunt driver Terry Grant with his Guinness World Record certificate. Image: Jaguar / Newspress

Stunt driver Terry Grant said afterwards: “As far as I’m aware no production car has ever cleanly completed a bona-fide barrel roll. It had always been my ambition to perform one since I was a boy.

“It has been amazing to help launch the next chapter of the Pace family with this dynamic feat.”


The jump, Jaguar said, was the final test for the E-Pace after 25 months of work across four continents done “to ensure extreme durability”.

The Jaguar is described as a five-seat compact SUV that, its maker says, “packs the design and performance of a Jaguar sports car into a spacious, practical and connected all-wheel-drive vehicle”. It’s also described as “a practical design packed with advanced technology to keep you connected”.

The model is the newest vehicle in the Jaguar SUV family, joining the all-electric I-Pace concept and the Jaguar F-Pace, the latter winning the 2017 World Car of the Year title. It was also launched with a spectacular stunt – a loop-the-loop in 2015.

WATCH THE barrel-roll Jaguar jump here.

The exterior design carries the distinctive Jaguar grille, “muscular” proportions, short overhangs and powerful haunches intended to convey “a bold and purposeful stance, instantly communicating dynamic agility”.

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Ian Callum, Jaguar’s director of design, told The Corner in a media release: “Established Jaguar design principles ensure the E-Pace is immediately recognisable as the sports car of its class.


jaguar f-pace advert
ADVERTISEMENT: Configure your own F-Pace – even just for fun


“Our new compact SUV combines the interior space, connectivity and security that families expect with the kind of proportions, purity of design and performance not usually associated with such a practical vehicle.”

Price In the UK, from the equivalent of R484 500 (July 2017).


Months of testing and analysis were required to find the precise speed required to complete the 270-degree twist-and-leap.

The ramps were modelled extensively with computer simulations before the first attempt and the run-up distance calculated as 160m.

2017 JAGUAR F-PACE LAUNCH: Image: Jaguar / Newspress
2017 JAGUAR E-PACE LAUNCH:  Looks like the E-Pace isn’t going to make it but that’s an illusion caused by the slope of the arrival ramp.  Image: Jaguar / Newspress

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