Fancy a yacht you can drive? Try the Bentley Galene…

  • Limited edition the Continental GT Convertible
  • ‘Maritime opulence, exquisite material detailing’
  • Walnut timber for the luxury boot floor

CREWE, England – Bentley Motors has announced a limited-edition model – only 30 cars will be fed to qualifying buyers – called the Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition.

2017 BENTLEY GALENE: Image: Bentley Motors / Newspress

Bodymaker Mulliner says the styling motifs are supposed to represent luxury yachts so, given the number of such boats in Monaco harbour for the Formula 1 GP, there should be no shortage of buyers.

Mulliner says this “ultimate” edition of the Continental GT Convertible (which, of course, it won’t be, because ‘ultimate’means ‘last’)  was designed in collaboration with British experts Princess Yachts and takes inspiration from yacht design.


The boats (is that an inappropriate description?) will be finished externally in white and blue to mimic “the clean, confident design lines and materials of yachts”. Internally, the Galenes combines the best elements of an oceanic lifestyle with luxury convertible motoring.

The specials will have Bentley’s four-litre, twin-turbo, 380kW/660Nm, V8 engine and a four-layer retractable hood which, the automaker says, “will keep occupants in the same unruffled environment as the hard-top Continental GT coupe”.

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The shell of the new Bentley will also be painted “glacier” white with lower “brightware” in blue, “a timeless detail and elegant reminder of the life aquatic”, Bentley trills.

The convertible hood will be dark blue and the cars will ride on 21″ spoked wheels, described by Bentley as “propellers”.

2017 BENTLEY GALENE: Image: Bentley Motors / Newspress
2017 BENTLEY GALENE: Image: Bentley Motors / Newspress

“The interior of the Galene,” Mulliner says, “pays homage to the classic opulence, finest hand-crafted materials, and exquisite details of both by yachts and Bentley cars.

“The seats will be upholstered in linen and leather with hand-done cross-stitching, the door panels in the same material but in contrasting shades to accentuate the facia, centre console and arm rests.”


The detailed head restraints will be embroidered in “camel” (how dark or light is not specified), the stowage case in the body-colour white and lined with Alcantara, the posh name for synthetic suede.

The fascia panels can be specified with a unique hand-painted l illustration of a superyacht.

Pinstripe Walnut has been commissioned for the Galene.  It’s described as a new material finish to the wood and will appear on the centre stack and console, on the illuminated tread plates, and as the lining for the boot floor.

The price? If you can afford a superyacht you won’t care. And the name Galene? It’s apparently the ancient Greek appellation for the goddess of calm seas, the daughter of Nereus and, er, Doris.

It’s also the name of a self-catering house on the KZN South Coast and The Corner hopes nobody will confuses it with the name “galleon”, which was a large, fat and slow timber Spanish 15th Century warship.

A fleet of suchwhich was chased by British admiral Nelson after a battle in the English Channel, and was sunk by a terrible North Sea storm. And some cannonballs.

2017 BENTLEY GALENE: Image: Bentley Motors / Newspress
2017 BENTLEY GALENE: Image: Bentley Motors / Newspress

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