New-generation Peugeot 3008 SUV goes all high-tech

  • Most advanced vehicle yet offered by Peugeot
  • Fifth Peugeot to win Car of Year but first SUV to win
  • 3008 SUV first to have latest of Peugeot i-Cockpit
2017 PEUGEOT 3008 SUV. Image: Peugeot/Motorpress
2017 PEUGEOT 3008 SUV. Image: Peugeot/Motorpress

MORE INTERIOR space despite compact shell dimensions, class-leading technology and crash protection, lighter, more agile and more fuel-frugal than the previous model – just some of the claims from Peugeot about its 2017 3008 SUV.

The automaker says the car has a place in the C-SUV segment and is the brand’s most advanced SUV yet. It’s also its introduction into the SUV market, Peugeot says, and brings new technology and “a unique driving experience” to the sector.

It also claims “a luxurious interior” with more people and cargo space despite being only 4.45m long – eight cm longer than the previous model – though but with a lengthened wheelbase. Peugeot’s i-Cockpit. Rear passengers will have an extra 24mm of legroom and 36mm more headroom.

2017 PEUGEOT 3008 SUV. Image: Peugeot/Motorpress
2017 PEUGEOT 3008 SUV. Image: Peugeot/Motorpress

Luggage volume, at 520 litres with the cover in place, is almost 90 litres more than the previous model. Take off the cover, drop the rear seats, and load to the roof, and you’ll have access to 1670 litres

The new Peugeot i-Cockpit is described by Peugeot as “spectacular”.


“Getting into the all new Peugeot 3008 SUV,” Peugeot said, “is surprising: original and oozing with quality and has the new Peugeot i-Cockpit which is spectacular, a highly technological ensemble that has rewritten the book on car cockpits.”

The GT-Line and GT-Line+ come with leather upholstery, chromed inserts and glossy back trim to deliver a high level of quality and attractiveness.”

The cars 20cm central touch screen ís said to resemble a tablet installed with capacitive technology for greater reactivity and practicality. “Six elegant piano-key toggle switches give direct access to the main control functions – radio, aircon, satnav, vehicle parameters, cellphone and mobile applications.”

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The digital instrument panel has a 31cm screen to display graphics but can be be completely configured and personalised by the driver. “It brings together all that the driver could want in his field of view,” Peugeot says, “and is easily accessible through a thumbwheel on the steering-wheel.”

Peugeot sees the cars’s rear as “a clear and very modern design with a gloss black band incorporating opalescent diode tail lights that have the brand’s trademark claw-marks.

WATCH THE Peugeot 3008 SUV in action

The all-new Peugeot 3008 claims to be a true SUV “and, like any true SUV, has genuine off-road capability thanks to Advanced Grip Control”. This traction-enhancing system (Allure+ and GT-Line+) with optimised traction control has five grip levels (normal, snow, mud, sand, off) controlled through a switch on the centre console.

Specific 18″tyres (Mud and Snow) wrap the wheels and hill assistance and descent control are intended to provide control on a steep gradient. The systems is activated by a switch on the center console.

Body-hugging ‘sporty’ front bucket seats are up front, a bench seat has a 60:40 split and can fold to create a large, flat, boot floor. The 3008’s original adaptable movable boot floor has evolved with two and removable side panels that can fixed to the side boot trim.


The front passenger seat can also be folded to accommodate long items – stepladder, water skis perhaps – up to three metres long. The rear door is powered and can be opened/closed by wiggling a foot under the rear bumper.

“In short,” Peugeot says, “the ingenuity of the latest Peugeot 3008 SUV allows many configurations.”

An Android smartphone’s screen can be mirrored on the touch screen to access applications. It’s compatible with Android smartphones). A button on the steering-wheel invokes on modern phones voice control for calls, choosing music, reading/sending text messages, and getting route information.

Technology has done more than just improve the driver and passenger experience and enjoyment; it has also improved safety with the next generation of safety systems and state-of-the-art driver aids.


A number of crash avoidance/protection features come variously with the cars, among them auto braking/proximity alert and lane-drifting warning. Vehicle trajectory is monitored against road signs/markings, and the cars will alert the driver to “take a break” after two hours of driving at more than 65km/h has been logged.

Autodipping headlights, cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and speed limit recognition can be part of the specification along with all-round cameras.

The new Peugeot 3008 SUV is available now with a petrol 1.6 120kW engine or, from first quarter 2018, a 2.0 110kW turbodiesel. All models will have a six-speed auto transmission.

Active 1.6 THP a/t – R399 900
Allure 1.6 THP a/t – R444 900
Allure+ 1.6 THP a/t – R464 900
GT Line 1.6 THP a/t – R499 900
GT Line+ 1.6 THP a/t – R569 900

Warranty and service: Four-year or 60 000 service plan, three-year or 100 000km Peugeot warranty, three-year or 100 000km roadside assistance service, 12-year anti-rust perforation warranty.

A five-year or 100 000km full-maintenance plan is available.

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