‘Hello darling, can’t talk now, I’m racing’

SILVERSTONE, England – American Formula 2 driver Santino Ferrucci has been fined and banned for four races after colliding with a team mate while using a cellphone during a supporting race ahead of Sunday’s British F1 GP race.

He also refused to attend subsequent stewards’ hearings.

SANTINO FERRUCI: Banned from racing for talking on a cellphone during a race meeting. Image: Facebook
SANTINO FERRUCCI: Banned from racing for talking on a cellphone during a Silverstone F1 race meeting. Image: Facebook

Ferrucci, 20 and a development driver with the Haas F1 team, was fined the equivalent of R1.1-million, disqualified from the race results, and banned from coming races in Hungary and Belgium,

Formula 2 is a official feeder series for F1.

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Reuters reported that Ferrucci not only forced team-mate Arjun Maini’s car off the track during the race but also deliberately drove into the rear of the same car on the cool-down lap.

The Formula 2 website said the American had also been seen in the car, while it was going from the support paddock to pits lane, “wearing just one glove and holding a phone”.

  • His racing crimes were, officially, “violating the technical and sporting regulations for driver safety equipment and using wireless transmission devices within the car”.

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